Heeding My Own Advice

Lately a number of people have asked me for advice on everything from applying to grad school to updating their website. I’ve talked to them about the importance of documenting work and keeping a current resume on file. I’ve also stressed the importance of networking and strengthening their online presence. You have to get out there and meet people, and you have to be visible for when they come looking. I’ve told people to mine the contacts that they have, and that most opportunities come from the people that you know. I’ve also advised them to maintain a personal website or blog and update it often and with current information.

So why have I slacked on heeding my own advice? Partly because it’s a lot of work, and it’s not as fun as working in the studio. It’s also because I’ve failed to make it a priority, and I’ve simply found ways to justify avoiding it. I’ve realized that I can be my biggest enemy at times, and quite often I have to remind myself to get out of my own way. (more…)

4 Oct 2011 / 59 notes

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